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Global Presence

A leading company in the field lab instruments and lab equipments we are well known manufacturer, supplier and exporters. We exporting to countries globally located. The company has been a pioneer in bringing out new technological up-gradations to products and has constantly been active in expansion of existing infrastructure to meet the custom requirement of the market.


Afghanistan Fiji Jordan Norway Sri Lanka
Albania Finland Kenya Oman Switzerland
Algeria France Libya Palau Taiwan
Argentina Georgia Luxembourg Peru Thailand
Australia Germany Malaysia Portugal Turkey
Bangladesh Ghana Maldives Qatar Uganda
Belgium Great Britain Mauritius Romania Ukraine
Brazil Greece Mexico Russia United Arab Emirates
Bulgaria Hungary Monaco San Marino United Kingdom
Canada Iceland Mongolia Scotland United States
China Indonesia Morocco Seychelles Vatican City
Colombia Iran Mozambique Sierra Leone Venezuela
Czech Republic Iraq Myanmar (Burma) Singapore Vietnam
Czechoslovakia Ireland Nepal Somalia Yugoslavia
Denmark Italy Netherlands South Africa Zimbabwe
Egypt Jamaica New Zealand South Korea
England Japan North Korea Spain