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High Pressure Steam Sterilizer

Technical Specifications
1. Inner chamber is made up of thick non-magnetic steel of 304/316 quality and jacket is made out of rolled steel
2. Single door made of rolled steel lined with S.S. sheets has radial locking system
3. All units are hydraulically tested upto 40 Psi
4. The space between outer cover made of thick rolled steel sheet and the steam jacket is filled with 5. Asbestos Sheet or Glass Wool to minimize thermal loss
6. Boiler is made of thick stainless steel sheet and is located under the sterilizer
7. Unit is fitted with water level indicator, safety valve, pressure gauge, water inlet and drain valves
8. Unit is also fitted with low-water level cut-off device and automatic pressure control device
9. All rectangular sterilizes are fitted with self locking safety door device
10. The door cannot be opened when chamber is under pressure
11. Fitted with safety valve as a safety device
12. Drain valve is fitted at the side bottom for easy draining/cleaning
14. Fitted with vacuum breaker to break vacuum in case of formation of vacuum due to steam condensation
15. Triple-walled with Steam Jacket and Separate Boiler
16. Sterilization cycle is controlled by Multiport Valve
17. The unit is fitted with all standard accessories
18. Work on 440 Volts, 3 Phase, AC supply



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