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orbital shaker incubator

Orbital Shaking Incubator


1. Outer chamber of M.S. Sheet duly painted and inner chamber of thick S.S. Sheet.
2. See through plexi-glass window.
3. Chamber illumination with fluorescent tubes of 60 cm length.
4. Finned tube evaporator.
5. The unit has a temperature range from 5C to 60C and is controlled with microprocessor based PID digital temperature indicator-cum-controller with an accuracy of 0.5C.
6. Safety thermostat to prevent overheating.
7. PID heating control with pulse width modulation.
8. With tube lights on temperature range is from 10C to 50C.
9. Air circulation fan is fitted to maintain temperature uniformity throughout.
10. Cyclic illumination conditions are controlled through a Microprocessor Based Cyclic Timer.
11. Fitted with digital speed meter (RPM counter) for shaking platform having Stepless Variable Speed from 20-250 rpm or 30-300 rpm (as ordered).
12. Supplied with any one universal platform containing clamps for 25 flasks of 250ml or 16 flasks of 500 ml or 40 flasks of 100 ml or 34 flasks.
13. Two nos. stationary perforated shelves supplied as a standard accessory for use of the unit as a standard BOD Incubator.
14. CFC free eco-friendly compressor.
15. Supplied with 3 step automatic voltage stabilizer.
16. Inner Size (mm) : 660 x 660 x 610 (W x D x L)
17. Work on 220/230 Volts AC supply.

Fitted with microprocessor based PID Digital Temperature Indicator-cum-Controller.
Speed Range 50-250 rpm
Speed Range 30-300 rpm

Optional Accessories:

1. Spare lotus clamps made of S.S. for holding conical flasks
2. For Flask Capacity 100/50 ml
3. For Flask Capacity 150 ml
4. For Flask Capacity 250 ml
5. For Flask Capacity 500 ml
6. For Flask Capacity 1000 ml
7. Built in U.V. germicidal tube light.
8. Communication port for PC interphase for logging data to your personal computer for taking prints through a printer as and when required, with software on compact disc.



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