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Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump


• A direct drive vacuum pump is driven at a high rotational speed of 1425 rpm compared to a belt driven pump of 600 rpm. High speed for larger displacement; close tolerances for better vacuum must be supported by forced oil lubrication.
• Oil is pumped into the mechanism by a simple but reliable oil pump, via the distributor and anti-suckback valve (non-return valve).
• Oil enters the mechanism in the bearing between the stages.
• Motor, end bearing and external shaft seal are lubricated by filtered oil from the oil pump region.
• Oil for the high vacuum stage is degassed in the center bearing between the two stages. This also ensures better vacuum.
• Pump’s motor is cooled by its own blower.
• In addition, between the motor and the pump a fan is fitted to air cool the pump along its ribs.
• The pump employs a unique and well proven anti-suckback arrangement. Even in the unlikelihood of this mechanism failure to seal, air venting rather than oil suck-back will occur.
• A thermal overload safety device is fitted as standard to protect pump and motor (single phase only).
• To work on 220 / 230 volts A.C. supply.

Stage : Double
Air Displacement : 100 Ltr/min
Motor Capacity (Crompton) : 0.5 HP
Ultimate Vacuum : 0.001 mbar

Optional Accessories
a. Digital Vacuum indicator with Transducer for Vacuum indication.
b. Moisture trap for using P205/CaC12/Silica Gel as desiccant.
c. Air filter at exhaust.